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Activity Based Acoustic Design for healthcare

In order to create a space where people can perform a certain activity to the best of their ability, Ecophon has developed Activity Based Acoustic Design.

Healthcare facilities (hospitals, elderly care premises, outpatient clinics, mental health premises) are a lot different than say an office building. The reason is that there are two main groups of people in healthcare: care givers and care recipients. These two groups have different activities to perform that require different acoustic solutions. They also have really different reasons to be in the buildings – one group is in their comfort zone (being at work) and the other one can be in a crisis situation (being sick away from home).

To help you create the best possible sound environment within healthcare, we have put together a list of questions regarding activity, people and space. Once you have considered these, you are ready to choose an acoustic solution that will suit your specific acoustic needs.

Doctor and patientActivity

Start by looking at what kind of activities that will take place.

  • What will people be doing in the space, both the staff and the care recipient? 
  • Will it be noisy?
  • Will it include the use of equipment and machines?
  • Is confidentiality an issue? 
  • How much time will be spent communicating?

Old woman having teaPeople

Then consider what people that will be involved in the activities and their needs.

  • Who are performing the activity? Consider both staff and care receivers. 
  • How many are there?
  • How old are they?
  • Do they have any special needs?

Busy hospital entranceSpace

Finally, you need to consider the building itself.

  • Is the space big or small?
  • Is it sparsely or densely furnished?
  • Where is it situated?
  • What spaces are next to it and what activities are performed there?
  • Does the building have hard-surfaced walls, ceilings and floors?
  • Are there fans, alarms or other frequent sounds in the space? 

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