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Room acoustic descriptors animations

Speech clarity in a hospital ward

In order for communication to be successful, the speech needs to reach the listener clearly. In this animation you can listen to speech under a reflective ceiling and under an Ecophon Class A absorbing ceiling. In the last scenario for the corridor, we have also added Ecophon Akusto Wall.

Distance of comfort - Reflective ceiling vs. Ecophon Class A

Distance of comfort is where the sound has dropped 10 dB, which people experience as half the sound level. In this animation you will see the distance of comfort for reflective ceilings and for Ecophon Class A absorbing ceilings.


Sound propagation in an office

Sound propagation needs to be considered when designing a variety of spaces, particularly open-plan offices. This animation shows how it works and what you can do to decrease the propagation and improve the work environment.



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