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The Ecophon CPD Curriculum

The Ecophon CPD Curriculum

Ecophon offer a comprehensive selection of RIBA approved CPD presentations, covering a wide selection of acoustic subjects in an engaging and informative curriculum.  Recent feedback from RIBA architects has included the following testimonials: 

‘……We are all of the view that this was one of the best CPD presentations from any organisation we have had down the years….’ 

‘……It was unanimously agreed that this was the most informative CPD we have had in the office for quite a while…’

“Very good seminar, Well organised and well presented”

“Insightful, Interactive, very knowledgeable, one of the best product CPD sessions I have attended”

‘Speaker was extremely eloquent and knowledgeable. It was very informative”

If you would like to book a CPD, please contact us on +44 (0) 1256 855280


1 hour lunchtime workshops - non RIBA


Ecophon Healthcare CPD Seminar Series / 2018

Module 1   Acoustics in hospitals - The impact of noise and recovery  
Module 2   The use of suspended ceilings in hospitals - Aesthetics & functionality  
Module 3   Supportive healthcare design for patients with dementia  
Module 4   The importance of good room acoustics in mental health settings  

RIBA Approved Seminars


2017/2018 Curriculum



Ceiling Design and Room Acoustics

Gain a fundamental knowledge of room Acoustics, how to choose and define relevant acoustic criteria for a space and the options available for acoustic ceiling and wall panel solutions. 




Acoustics for Education (updated)

Develop an understanding of how to achieve good acoustics in schools, cover the relevant research including the Essex study, and explore the current standards. Also includes an introduction to designing for hearing impaired children. Updated for 2017.




Acoustic Design for Special Educational Needs (new)

Available for 2017, this new CPD looks in detail at the specific challenges of acoustic design for children with different Educational needs, including meeting the criteria for SEN contained within the new BB93. Limited availability.




Acoustic Design for Universities (new)

New for 2017, this CPD explores the different acoustic needs of students during Further and Higher Education, including the acoustic requirements within the different learning spaces that are needed. Limited availability.




Healthcare - Acoustic Design for Healthcare (updated)

Explore the importance of good acoustics in successful healthcare delivery, with content including relevant research, guidance on implementation and compliance with current standards. Updated for 2017, with new research and case studies.




Designing for Dementia and Elderly Care

This popular and interactive CPD focuses on acoustic design for an aging population, designing for dementia both visually and in sound, and what is currently considered best practice in this evolving design area. Limited availability.




Acoustics in High Care Environments

This CPD covers the core principles of good acoustics in industrial spaces, the impact on health and safety, shows examples of success, and how to support industrial cleaning methods while meeting relevant regulations.




Acoustic Design of the Modern Office

This popular CPD explores the acoustic challenges in the modern workplace, and how to meet them. Explore the evolution of the modern office, noise in the office and how it affects us, and how this can be met through applying the principles of activity based acoustic design.




Psychoacoustics - Personality and Productivity (new)

Building on our office CPD and based on the latest workplace research, this new presentation explores the importance of personality in the way we prefer to work. Explore the importance of psychoacoustics in team success, notably in open plan offices and shared environments. Limited availability.




Retail, Restaurants and Leisure

This visually exciting CPD explores the everyday noise issues we come across in the Retail and Leisure sector, including when we shop, eat or relax. Learn how acoustics can affect the senses and improving acoustics drives an improvement in the customer experience. 


 Acoustic Design for International Projects


When delivering projects outside of the UK and Ireland, acoustic design can be complicated by the different standards and demands in place within the local market. The CPD explores the fundamental acoustic parameters in use internationally, and compares the details of the main acoustic standards. We will explore how different cultural and legislative acoustic demands can affect your design, ensuring that the acoustic challenges can be met cost effectively and without compromising the design vision. 














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