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Good acoustics reduced hospital readmissions by 56%

Good acoustics reduced hospital readmissions by 56%

In a study of chest pain patients at the intensive coronary heart unit, researchers found that a good sound environment reduced hospital readmissions.
Hospital readmissions after three months

Hospital readmissions after three months.

Wellbeing that lasts

Recovering in a good or bad sound environment has a long-term effect on patients. In a study of patients suffering from chest pain, one of the most remarkable results was that fewer patients from the good sound environment needed to be readmitted to hospital after one month and after three months. The difference after three months was a striking 56%.

How is this possible?

When we are ill, resting and sleeping are vital for our recovery. To be able to rest, we need an environment that is as calm as possible. In the patient rooms with a poor acoustic environment, sound levels were higher. Sound bounced off the hard surfaces, spread throughout the rooms and conversations could be heard far away. This noisy environment can easily cause patients to feel anxious and stressed.

When a sound-absorbing ceiling was installed, the environment changed. Sound was absorbed before it could spread. This led to a calmer and more relaxed place, where pulse rates dropped by as much as 24% for patients whose pulse rates were originally too high. During their time at the hospital, patients in this environment recovered better and many fewer patients needed to be readmitted in the coming months.

Ecophon solution

In healthcare facilities it is important that the acoustic solutions meet the strictest hygiene demands in regards to cleaning and disinfection. Ecophon therefore provided Ecophon Hygiene Performance™ A for the good sound environment.

The study

At Huddinge University Hospital, Sweden, the physical environment in the intensive coronary heart unit was changed in two stages. First to provide poor acoustics for four weeks and then to provide good acoustics for four weeks. A total of 94 patients were included in the study.

Accordingly, the staff felt fewer demands and less irritation during the good acoustics period.

Want to know more?

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