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Classroom excellence

Ecophon Gedina™ + Extra Bass with Akusto Wall are designed to achieve the best sound environment possible in classrooms. But how?


Wall-to-wall ceiling
Wall-to-wall ceiling

When you install an Ecophon wall-to-wall ceiling, such as Gedina, this will greatly reduce sound levels.

But there will still be intrusive background low-frequency sound. There is only one way to deal with this, and that is to add extra low-frequency absorption (Extra bass).

Extra Bass
Ecophon Extra Bass

Extra Bass is a unique, specially designed 50 mm low-frequency absorber that is placed on top of the ceiling. Extra Bass is included in both systems and should cover at least 50% of the ceiling.

But even with a wall-to-wall ceiling and Extra Bass, sound will still bounce off the walls and create unwanted echoes. The problem is solved by using Akusto Wall sound absorbers on the back wall.

Akusto Wall absorbers

Akusto Wall absorbs the sound that otherwise would bounce off walls and create echoes.

In group assignments students will speak in all directions. If the classroom is used in this way it is preferable to place Akusto Wall on two adjacent walls.


Speech reflecting zone
Speech-reflecting zone

Finally, to ensure total speaker comfort, the systems also include the possibility of adding a small speech-reflecting zone in the ceiling above the place where the teacher normally stands.

This will let the teacher hear his or her own voice more clearly, and will reduce the risk of the teacher straining their voice.




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Central Concept Developer - Education

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